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Western Sporting Publications

Available videos

- Jemima Parry-Jones' videos.

- videos from making a dutch hood to gun dog training.

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Faraway Film Productions

Available videos

  • Northumberland Crow Falcons

  • Mongolian Saker Conservation

  • Nutrition

  • Basic Training.

  • Anatomy

  • Health Care

  • The Bird of Prey Management Series directed by Dr Nick Fox.

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    Northwoods Limited

    Northwoods has a great variety of videos available in it's comprehensive catalogue.

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    Understanding Falconry


    Jemima Parry-Jones

    Jemima Parry-Jones' Understanding Falconry is must viewing for all new and prospective falconers. Parry -Jones relaxed style and British humor makes for easy viewing. The viewer is guided through the complicated world and language of falconry in an entertaining and uncomplicated manner.

    All aspects of falconry are covered, from which birds are used, training methods and the multitude of falconry accruements. Video is the ideal format to see exactly what a bewit is and how to use it. How to jesse and bell a bird. All the descriptions and pictures finally have substance. The video is worth the price alone for the clear instructions of how to tie the ubiquitous falconry knot. I have seen it explained in print and pictures but this is by far superior.

    She even uses a novel idea, actually using untrained birds throughout the video. The viewer can see what to expect when they get their first young bird, following along as a Saker Falcon and Harris Hawk are manned and trained to fly to the lure and glove respectively.

    As a bonus there is also some terrific footage of classic falconry in Scotland. You follow along as the dogs come on point, and the falcon is un-hooded and put up. You can really get an idea what high quality falconry is all about as the falcon puts in stoop after stoop on the grouse.

    If you are considering becoming a falconer, this video will explain away most, if not all of your questions.

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